Mango Season Music at the Blue Note

Blue Note Hawaiʻi

Official Press Release for Blue Note Hawaiʻi Show & Pre-Release of our Sophomore Album Point Panic

Independent Honolulu-based jazz soul funk band Mango Season is set to premiere their full funkified septet with a night of all original music at the Blue Note Jazz Club-Hawaiʻi on Monday, May 22 with two shows (6:30pm and 9:00pm). This evening of live music will also feature a kick-off party celebrating the release of their newest full-length album Point Panic. Show goers and fans will be able to purchase the album ahead of the scheduled record release to the public (on July 1st).

Music director Curtis Kamiya describes the new Mango Season album as “more ambitious, with a full funky groove and focus on a bigger, juicer sound.” Get a taste of their full album here.

Mango Season came to life on the Honolulu music scene in 2009 as an acoustic Hawaiian folk trio performing on the streets and in the dive bars of Chinatown. Evolving their sound to incorporate vintage soul, jazz infused harmonies and a shock of funk groove, the members draw their inspiration from music as diverse as old school ’70’s funk/soul (Earth, Wind & Fire), with hints of world jazz (Pink Martini) and contemporary Hawaiian sizzle (Kalapana). Their sophomore record, Point Panic, is their most creative and energetic material yet.

Please get in touch with Curtis Kamiya at for guest list, interviews, or additional promo copies of Point Panic.

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