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Who is Mango Season Music?

Born in the lush paradise of Hawai’i in 2009, Mango Season began as the love story of two wide-eyed musicians, Curtis and Annie Kamiya, looking to turn their rock-n-roll dreams into a life long music career.

We are professional musicians, music educators, and entrepreneurs.  We channel our expertise, passion, and distinctive live sound into music that makes our clients and fans ridiculously happy.   Our specialities are elite destination weddings, and speciality live music crafted for events, parties or conventions, and live concerts & tours.

Because life should be lived bold and out loud. And we hope to make your life musically sweeter.

Mango Season Music's next live show
October 10
Wedding - Cara + Alvin
October 11
Wedding - Greg + Kelli
October 14
Lulu's Waikiki Surf Club
October 17
Nico's Pier 38
October 21
Lulu's Waikiki Surf Club
October 28
Lulu's Waikiki Surf Club
November 4
Lulu's Waikiki Surf Club
November 5
Private Event - Datahouse
November 7
Nico's Pier 38
November 8
CKM Student Concert