Mango Season Music at the Blue Note

Our Sexy Seven

Mango Season Sexy Seven at the World-Famous Blue Note Jazz Club

Is it just me, or is this year racing by for you like it’s a highly caffeinated version of the Road Runner? (Side note: OMG…can you imagine?  That poor bird would have been dead by 30.)   

I’m sitting here in front of my computer on a Sunday morning, all bleary-eyed and dry mouth from, well, too many late nights sitting here in front of my computer (oh, the irony) and thinking, “It’s ALREADY APRIL?!  Where the double H hockey sticks did the year go?”

Well, we’ve been working our tails off, channeling the stamina and perseverance of one Mr. Wile E. Coyote. (I mean, weren’t we all rooting for him?  All that scribbling and planning and tinkering had to pay off somehow!

We’d like to share with you that our late night tinkering and many bloodshot-eyed-Sundays did FINALLY pay off — our next full-length CD entitled “Point Panic” is right now on its way to duplication in Portland, Oregon, and we couldn’t be prouder to share this album with you! 

Point Panic goes on sale to the public on July 1st, 2017.  But, you will have a chance to purchase it before July — the night of our 7-piece band’s premier at the world famous Blue Note Jazz Club in Hawai’i on Monday, May 22nd, 2017.  Shows at 6:30pm and 9:00pm. The first 50 pre-sale ticket purchasers will receive a physical CD autographed by the band.  Get your pre-sale tickets here! (Kama’aina guests can save 15% by using the discount code MAHALO15.) New, limited edition merchandise will be available at the show, and all proceeds got towards fueling the next phase of our musical journey — touring Japan and Mainland USA.

Stay hungry!