Where there’s a Wil, there’s a way.

That is, where there’s a Wil Tafolo, there’s a way.

And if you’ve met Wil, our bass player and now newly minted band manager and social media strategist for Mango Season, you already know that Wil is an exceptional young man (he would shake his head at me if he knew I was referring to him as a ‘young man’.  Like I’m his grandmother about to smooth down his cowlick with my saliva-soaked finger).

Given any task – be it a sales pitch, networking event, learning a new musical instrument, winning a debate over what truly makes that red color in Red Velvet cake, naming all of the Star Wars characters by rote or knowing which vintage of Macallan Scotch whiskey is the best, Wil is consistently determined, positive, and clear that he will crush it (in a good way).

And if you haven’t met Wil, let me introduce you.

Wil is a FANTATSTIC guitarist.  If you haven’t heard him break out his John Mayer-esque technique, stop him on the street someday, force a guitar into his hand, and demand he play.  Knowing Wil, he will oblige.  He will showcase more of his deft finger-picking skills on our upcoming album set to release in 2016.

Wil is also a badass bassist.  But, when we first met him 4 years ago, he didn’t play bass at all.  He is now a highly sought-after bass player and regularly performs with other talented local artists such as Danny Carvalho, Songbird & The Colors, and Kaiholu.

Wil is a multi-instrumentalist.  There isn’t an instrument that Wil hasn’t mastered.  And, frankly, this can be kinda annoying and maddening at times.

Wil is a natural bullsh*tter.  This is a good thing, you say?  Yes.  Wil has this natural ability to be insta-friends with everyone he meets, and his gregarious and confident nature makes people feel like they’ve known him for years.  Wil makes an exceptional band manager for us because of just this one trait.

Wil has a voice, as Linda Richman would say, like buttah.  In fact, my bank teller mentioned he knows Wil from high school.  So, we get to talking and I find out they used to jam out together.  The bank teller screws up is face and says, “You know, we were all pretty good…you know, pretty much on the same level talent wise.  And then Wil has to go and open his mouth…”  That’s pretty much the same reaction we had.  With a voice like an angel, Wil has mesmerized many a fan at our gigs.  And it’s not unheard of for a young lady to come up afterwards and timidly ask, “Um, like, do you know what Wil’s doing later?”

Wil is an amazing songwriter.  I cannot WAIT for you to hear some of Wil’s tunes that are coming out on the next album.  Until then, satisfy yourself with this little gem.

Wil is a sweetheart.  Shhhhh, he doesn’t want this one to get out.  But he really is.  He is this soft and cuddly bear of a guy, who still opens doors for ladies.  Who loves his family a great deal.  Who is constantly surrounded by friends because he is generous and funny.  Who will make sure I have a ride home after a night of drinking (besides my dad, he is the BEST friend to have when you want to go smoke a cigar, drink some whiskey, and cry on someone’s shoulder).

In this week’s #TuneTuesday, enjoy the vocal stylings of a man we are proud to call our band manager, our friend, and our brother:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie

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