My dream dinner with 3 soulful music icons

There I (Annie) was, in the inky shadows of this morning’s early light.

Perched at the edge of my bed slowly running my fingers over my arm as if bumps of Braille would surface at my touch.

I was convinced I had made a TERRIBLE mistake.  I had willing paid someone to tattoo a text message string on the inside of my bicep.  You know, some inane text sequence that starts with a blue-bubbled How r u? and ends with a green-bubbled ROFL c u later…! 🙂 <3.

It was one hell of a vivid dream.

And, like many vivid dreams, you wake up so startled that that THING just happened, you are unaware that the universe is just as you left it when you nodded off the night before.  Your life has only incrementally changed in the last 8 hours.  And, no, you do not have a QR code tattooed on your neck (thank you, benevolent Universe!).

But one dream I would love to roll from REM sleep to daydream to waking reality would be the one where I have dinner with Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and Elvis Presley.

They are, in my humble opinion (or, if this phrase was tattooed on my arm, it would read, “IMHO…”), three of the most soulful musicians to ever grace American music.  There are so many fabulous artists, but having dinner with these three would be a magical, life-alerting evening.

I would love to watch them make music together.  I would love to hear about how they influenced each other.  I would love to understand what made them stay with music.  I would be fascinated to know how drugs, culture, racism, sexism, the changing social mores of the nation, and the inevitable shift in musical tastes shaped and effected their work.

I would be honored if I ever left an impact as significant as they left for their fans, and on the entire canon of music.

I would be eternally grateful if I had even a pinkie-full of the same talent, charisma, and love exuded in the world.

And, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want them to invite me to kanikapila with them after dessert.

Visit a bit of my dream dinner date this #TuneTuesday with the one, the only, the KING himself — Elvis Presley:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie

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