Mango Season Fan Love: Meet Fabio Pignatelli

Mango Season Fan Love Alert!

We say it all the time but it’s really true — we have some incredible fans.

And this #TuneTuesday, we’d like you to meet one of our favorites.

Meet Fabio Pignatelli.  Fabio is a great guy and a wonderful musician in his own right.  He performs beautiful covers in both Italian and Spanish, and writes his own music.  He connected with us over Facebook about a year ago and, over the next few months, we started a bit of mutual appreciation association between us.

Now, I’m (Annie) a big fan of this jazz lounge band from Italy called Marchio Bossa.  But, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find the lyrics to one of their most delicious songs, E Un Giorno.

I knew Fabio was fluent in Italian.  So I reached out to him to see if he could translate the song for me.  It was no small task.  Without published lyrics, he had to listen to the song over and over again in order to eek out the Italian and then paint the story of this song for me.  And he did it!  No less than an hour after I messaged him, he sent me a PDF of the song.

I mean, that’s love right there.  And we couldn’t do what we do without that kind of love.

Fabio – this #TuneTuesday is dedicated to you, my friend:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

P.S. — Keep watch over the new fews weeks as we will return the love and cover Fabio’s original tune, Pura Vida.  Check out his song here!

Want to hear us cover your favorite tune?  Let us know!

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Mango Season Fan Love Alert!  Meet Fabio Pignatelli

Fan favorite Fabio Pignatelli (Follow on YouTube)