Follow your arrow, wherever it points

I’m not gonna lie to you.

Since becoming a business owner, I (Annie) spend most of my days dressed in my version of the “business mullet”: yoga pants on the bottom, fancy shirt on top.

Business up front, party in the…well, you get the picture. (by the by, this outfit is GREAT for that Skype call with your client that you forgot is coming up in 10 minutes.  Curl an eyelash, slap on a coat of lip gloss, and go to TOWN!).

It’s one of the many awesome perks you get when your workplace is the guest bedroom in your apartment.

But, these type of perks are not why I wanted to become an entrepreneur.  Or be my own boss.  Or be the boss of Curtis (snicker, that’s a whole ‘nuther blog post…).

I never felt satisfied in any of my previous jobs.  Oh, I would hunker down – nose to the grindstone, 160z Americano never far from my grasp.  I am still a FANTASTIC worker bee.   And, in my humble opinion, I was an excellent employee.  But there was this painful longing that constantly drilled into me like a bad headache.  Or more like heartache.

I wanted to follow my passion.  I wanted to make music my livelihood.  And I wanted to do all of this while I transforming the lives of others.

But my mindset was seriously warped, and I was so used to closing off from my passion that I believed only losers, drop-outs or wannabes made life decisions that seemed, well, frivolous.

Then I unexpectedly lost my job.  I was forced to make an immediate decision – do what’s expected of me or do what I’ve always dreamed.  The dream won (even if there were many “oh shit!” moments after and countless mornings waking up paralyzed that I had no idea how to take the first step).

And when my friend Trever suggested I listen to Kacey Musgraves’ hit Follow Your Arrow, I wasn’t prepared for the epiphany that followed.  She writes, “When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight..follow your arrow, wherever it points.  Just follow your arrow wherever it points.”

Her message is wonderfully simple and straightforward but it resonated with me like I was reading the Ten Commandments for the first time.

Because when you follow your arrow, you tap into that goldmine of unique knowledge and resources that naturally lives within you, within each of us.  Your arrow always points you in the right direction.  The only obstacle standing in your way is whether or not you will follow it.

Sound cheesy?  Maybe.  Doesn’t work for someone like you?  Maybe.

But what if you just said F-IT and took a chance anyway?

This spring, we are launching our first ever online program built specifically to support, inspire, and mentor professional musicians in building their own sustainable and successful music business.  We’ve been hard at work over the last month erecting new websites, writing new copy, crafting curriculum – we even hired a marketing guru to help us thread all the pieces together and launch this program with integrity and heart.  It’s a terrifying leap for me and for Curtis to stand in our power as both artists and as coaches.  But we are taking a chance on living a bigger game and being our word.  To building a vision that is bigger than us and can transform the lives of others.

If you are a professional musician or know a musician who would love to join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who desire building a livelihood and a business out of their music, head on over here to learn more.

~~ Aloha, joy and music ~~

Annie + Curtis


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