Finding Bayou Soul in N’awlins

Today, I’m (Annie) gonna get right to the point.

If you every get the chance to visit New Orleans, Louisiana — that beautiful, old-world, complicated, charismatic city on the Mississippi — GO!

And if you find yourself wandering down Bourbon Street devouring the delicious beignets from Café Du Monde with a cup of steaming hot chicory coffee.

Or spilling in and out of jazz clubs and venues built like far-flung speakeasys to listen to some of the sweetest music ever played.

Don’t miss visiting a little record store called Peaches Records.  It was there in 2007 when we bopped into this sweet place and heard a fantastic, husky voice belting out of their speakers.  We learned it was a local artist named Marc Broussard, and he sang this sizzling, salty blend of music coined Bayou Soul.

And we’ve been hooked ever since.

Many people claim Nashville is the music capital of the world.  But, N’awlins, is where the heart and soul go to believe in music again:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

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