To Love Again…and again. And again.

You know, love is a funny thing.

When love first blossoms in that tiny butterfly-sized organ we call a heart at around, say 5 years old, it feels very similar to falling in love with your new baby brother.  There’s some awe.  There’s sheer, unbridled excitement at the newness.  There’s quick deliberation over what could possibly be under his clothes.  And then, just as suddenly, it all dissolves into mild interest if not mild irritation.

Then middle school happens.  Your 11, maybe 12.  Boys no longer remind you of a little brother.  Thoughts of them begin an all consuming march across your brain.  They quickly glance at you, mumble “hi” and you have zero recollection of your locker combination. (although the memory of their pungent body lingers for quite a looooonnnngggg time.)  At this age, love feels like you are teetering between a bad case of the stomach flu and the inexplicable joy of a free birthday sundae at Farrell’s. (Seriously, their Ice Cream Nachos are so good, you may leave your current lover for them.)

Love becomes electric.  And your heart doubles in size (literally), enlarging to make space for even greater, more spectacular heartbreak.

By high school, I (Annie) had dated numerous boys and, with each relationship, I had loved my freakin’ heart out.  Loving felt like an impossible puzzle.  Or the greatest gift.  After each break-up, I felt like Demi Moore sobbing over her pottery wheel as ghost-boy Patrick Swayze caresses her face. (I mean, she loved a GHOST!  Couldn’t anyone have told her that their relationship was neh-he-ver going to work?  Hello, WHOOPI!?).  Let’s just say there were countless Friday nights spent in my room in the dark listening to Nothing Compares To You.

When I met Curtis in college, I didn’t let my loves-lost track record slow me down.  And that, right there, is the funniest thing.  For all the failures you have in life, failing at love never seems to keep us down for too long.  We keep getting back up on that same horse over and over again, even if we know it’s a pommel horse and it literally will not go anywhere. (Because it’s not a real horse and it’s bolted to the ground, silly.)

All the components of the love I’d felt before were there for us – the electricity, the craziness, the butterflies in the stomach, the exhilaration.  But there was also peaceful love.  And patient love.  Kind love.  Thoughtful love.  Conscientious love.  Agree-to-disagree love.  Adult love.

So when Curtis’ asked me to listen to a new love song he’d written about one of the loves of his life, the gauge of my fully adult-sized heart was on “full.”  My pump was primed.  And there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that could deplete my love tank.

Except, I had never encountered the “oh-and-by-the-way-this-love-song-isn’t-about-you” kind of love before.

But there it was.  Plain and simple, and tattooed into my future and onto my heart via song.  I was facing what real love looks like.  Love that is simultaneously painful and hopeful, and still worth it.  Love that is complicated and messy, but you don’t run.  Love that makes you question how stable the ground is under your feet, and you still continue moving forward.  Love that is one heart opening and another heart listening.

Since that day almost 15 years ago, I have heard Curtis play his song, “To Love Again,” thousands of times.  I know every single word.  I understand the simple beauty in his message to a woman he once loved because his simple beauty is reflected to me in our love everyday.  He is an awesome human.  With the capacity to love 1,000 times his heart mass.  He is a beautiful musician.  Able to share raw emotion with the world so someone else can be touched, moved, and inspired.

This week’s #TuneTuesday is all about the serious talent of my one, my only.  My adult love.  My real, enduring love:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie

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Where there’s a Wil, there’s a way.

That is, where there’s a Wil Tafolo, there’s a way.

And if you’ve met Wil, our bass player and now newly minted band manager and social media strategist for Mango Season, you already know that Wil is an exceptional young man (he would shake his head at me if he knew I was referring to him as a ‘young man’.  Like I’m his grandmother about to smooth down his cowlick with my saliva-soaked finger).

Given any task – be it a sales pitch, networking event, learning a new musical instrument, winning a debate over what truly makes that red color in Red Velvet cake, naming all of the Star Wars characters by rote or knowing which vintage of Macallan Scotch whiskey is the best, Wil is consistently determined, positive, and clear that he will crush it (in a good way).

And if you haven’t met Wil, let me introduce you.

Wil is a FANTATSTIC guitarist.  If you haven’t heard him break out his John Mayer-esque technique, stop him on the street someday, force a guitar into his hand, and demand he play.  Knowing Wil, he will oblige.  He will showcase more of his deft finger-picking skills on our upcoming album set to release in 2016.

Wil is also a badass bassist.  But, when we first met him 4 years ago, he didn’t play bass at all.  He is now a highly sought-after bass player and regularly performs with other talented local artists such as Danny Carvalho, Songbird & The Colors, and Kaiholu.

Wil is a multi-instrumentalist.  There isn’t an instrument that Wil hasn’t mastered.  And, frankly, this can be kinda annoying and maddening at times.

Wil is a natural bullsh*tter.  This is a good thing, you say?  Yes.  Wil has this natural ability to be insta-friends with everyone he meets, and his gregarious and confident nature makes people feel like they’ve known him for years.  Wil makes an exceptional band manager for us because of just this one trait.

Wil has a voice, as Linda Richman would say, like buttah.  In fact, my bank teller mentioned he knows Wil from high school.  So, we get to talking and I find out they used to jam out together.  The bank teller screws up is face and says, “You know, we were all pretty good…you know, pretty much on the same level talent wise.  And then Wil has to go and open his mouth…”  That’s pretty much the same reaction we had.  With a voice like an angel, Wil has mesmerized many a fan at our gigs.  And it’s not unheard of for a young lady to come up afterwards and timidly ask, “Um, like, do you know what Wil’s doing later?”

Wil is an amazing songwriter.  I cannot WAIT for you to hear some of Wil’s tunes that are coming out on the next album.  Until then, satisfy yourself with this little gem.

Wil is a sweetheart.  Shhhhh, he doesn’t want this one to get out.  But he really is.  He is this soft and cuddly bear of a guy, who still opens doors for ladies.  Who loves his family a great deal.  Who is constantly surrounded by friends because he is generous and funny.  Who will make sure I have a ride home after a night of drinking (besides my dad, he is the BEST friend to have when you want to go smoke a cigar, drink some whiskey, and cry on someone’s shoulder).

In this week’s #TuneTuesday, enjoy the vocal stylings of a man we are proud to call our band manager, our friend, and our brother:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie

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The year I fell in love with the Prince of Asia

And, no, that’s not my (Annie’s) pet name for Curtis.

During our backpacking trip around the world in 2005-06, we found ourselves in this swanky hotel in the little town of Hoi An in Vietnam.  It was the first time in perhaps months where we had access to a TV in our room (with CABLE!).  We spent an afternoon surfing mostly music videos from Southeast Asia when we stumbled upon the South Korean boy band Super Junior.  Compared to the other videos, their music video was super high quality, and the choreography and music felt very familiar…but not.  It was our first foray into the fascinating and particularly addicting type of music coming out of South Korea — K-Pop — and we we’re hooked.

Now, you may think you know K-Pop from Psy’s stateside hit, and YouTube sensation, Gangnam Style (and, just in case you are NOT one of the 2 BILLION people on this planet who watched this video?  You’re welcome).

But Psy’s just the tip of the iceberg (and, like any good iceberg, most of K-Pop’s gems are hidden underneath the surface).

YouTube is K-Pop’s church.  And like all the faithful Hallyu fans, we gather (um…sometimes daily) to pay homage to our favorite artists.

It started with Super Junior.  Then, in 2013, our bass player and band manager Wil Tafolo — another huge K-Pop fan — introduced us to other K-Pop stars — Wonder Girls.  Girls Generation.  f(x).  Sistar.  IU.  Ailee.  Lee Hyori.  Hyolyn.  Gain.  The list really could go on and on.

Then I fell in love with THE Asia Prince, Jang Geun Suk.  K-Pop star.  Famous Actor in South Korean, Japan, and China.  Model.  Bad Boy (in a South Korean bad boy sort of way, which is to say he might get caught drinking in a local pub by paparazzi and immediately apologize the next day to his fans for his rude behavior (!)).

Like, that strangely weird and heightened crazy middle-school crush kind of love where you stay up way too late searching the internet for pictures, news, possible signs that he also carries a torch for girls with names that start with ‘A’…anything!  I JUST NEED MORE JANG GUEN SUK!!!!  I even had his picture as my iPhone screensaver for awhile.

But like a fine wine, our lust for all things K-Pop matured and we began to uncover more sophisticated artists.  My love for Jang Geun Suk waned (let’s be honest, the guy weighs 100lbs soaking wet.  It would never have worked out).   In fact, we’ve now crossed the bridge into K-Indie.  So, this week #TuneTuesday is dedicated to our love for South Korean culture and in homage to one of our favorite groups, Urban Zakapa:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

P.S. Let me be clear — South Korean’s export of culture is truly exciting.  While I poke some fun at falling in love with K-Pop, what I love most about the genre is it feels vaguely familiar to western music…but it isn’t.  It’s its own unique expression and combination of musical identities, and it wouldn’t be so wonderful if it wasn’t influenced by Korean culture.

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Finding Bayou Soul in N’awlins

Today, I’m (Annie) gonna get right to the point.

If you every get the chance to visit New Orleans, Louisiana — that beautiful, old-world, complicated, charismatic city on the Mississippi — GO!

And if you find yourself wandering down Bourbon Street devouring the delicious beignets from Café Du Monde with a cup of steaming hot chicory coffee.

Or spilling in and out of jazz clubs and venues built like far-flung speakeasys to listen to some of the sweetest music ever played.

Don’t miss visiting a little record store called Peaches Records.  It was there in 2007 when we bopped into this sweet place and heard a fantastic, husky voice belting out of their speakers.  We learned it was a local artist named Marc Broussard, and he sang this sizzling, salty blend of music coined Bayou Soul.

And we’ve been hooked ever since.

Many people claim Nashville is the music capital of the world.  But, N’awlins, is where the heart and soul go to believe in music again:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

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Mango Season Fan Love: Meet Fabio Pignatelli

Mango Season Fan Love Alert!

We say it all the time but it’s really true — we have some incredible fans.

And this #TuneTuesday, we’d like you to meet one of our favorites.

Meet Fabio Pignatelli.  Fabio is a great guy and a wonderful musician in his own right.  He performs beautiful covers in both Italian and Spanish, and writes his own music.  He connected with us over Facebook about a year ago and, over the next few months, we started a bit of mutual appreciation association between us.

Now, I’m (Annie) a big fan of this jazz lounge band from Italy called Marchio Bossa.  But, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find the lyrics to one of their most delicious songs, E Un Giorno.

I knew Fabio was fluent in Italian.  So I reached out to him to see if he could translate the song for me.  It was no small task.  Without published lyrics, he had to listen to the song over and over again in order to eek out the Italian and then paint the story of this song for me.  And he did it!  No less than an hour after I messaged him, he sent me a PDF of the song.

I mean, that’s love right there.  And we couldn’t do what we do without that kind of love.

Fabio – this #TuneTuesday is dedicated to you, my friend:

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

P.S. — Keep watch over the new fews weeks as we will return the love and cover Fabio’s original tune, Pura Vida.  Check out his song here!

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Mango Season Fan Love Alert!  Meet Fabio Pignatelli

Fan favorite Fabio Pignatelli (Follow on YouTube)


Happy Tax Day (or, there’s always more where that came from…)!

Happy Tax Day, America!

Or, otherwise known by all small business owners as, “I owe HOW MUCH!?” Day.

Many of you Smarty McSmarty Pants out there already filed your taxes back in January.  And, with the average refund to US taxpayers coming in at around a whopping $2,000, you *smartly* put that fat check right back into your savings account.  Or paid down your credit card bill.  Or FINALLY invested in your emergency preparedness kit for both car AND home.  God bless you, you financial wizard, you.

Well, this year we got our business taxes in early (*patting self on back*) only to receive the kick-in-the-not-so-smart-pants last Friday (seriously…this past FRIDAY!) that we owe a weeeeeeee bit more than anticipated.

Oh, who am I kidding.  I (Annie) got off the phone with my accountant and had a mini meltdown a la Clark Griswold finding out his bonus check is a one year supply of jelly.

Sufficed to say, we were in a bit of dark place.  Moody.  Sour.  Irritated.  And, that same weekend, we were set to film our next installment of #TuneTuesday.

We tried a happy love song.  And it sucked.  It was late night.  And we were starting to turn on each other when Damien Rice’s song Volcano popped into my head.  A moody, somber, dark song about heartbreaking love.  Peeeerrrrrfect.  And the film noir stage was set for this week’s video:

Filming really helped us.  The creativity and working together pulled us out of our funk.  And, soon after my initial freak out, Curtis and I were heads together brainstorming how to be in integrity with our taxes while keeping the doors of our business open.  All while keeping our hearts open to possibility.

Honestly, a year ago this news would have slayed us.  Laid us bare.  There would have crazy, dramatic fights.

But we feel confident in one universal truth: money is simply just an energetic exchange.

For instance, your work is probably to provide some form of a set of completed tasks to someone else who will then provide you money in exchange.  You pay taxes as an exchange for the benefits that come from living within our democratic government.  Seen a slightly different way – by cultivating relationships, you provide loving energy to someone in exchange for their energy of love, support, comfort, and community.

There’s no need for any attachment to money.  Because money comes.  And money goes.

As my favorite biz coach Marie Forleo says, “Anytime you part with money, bless it and say – There’s always more where that came from.”

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

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Our love for Film Noir.  And Damien Rice.


A heartfelt shoutout to our fans

As a business owner and a work-from-home-in-your-yoga-pants-kind-of-CEO (I talk more about yoga pants and doing business over at this post), I scour the inter webs daily for advice from entrepreneurs who’ve “been there, done that” so I can get effective, real-time guidance on how to run my business.

What are the best social media accounts to use for business and why?  

How do you know when it’s time to hire staff?

What happens when you feel like a fraud, stuck, completely useless or all of the above?

This last question was answered with beauty and heart by one of my favorite online business coaches, Marie Forleo.  Her awesome Q&A Tuesday Videos feature questions from her readers and today she answered: What do you do when you feel completely useless and alone?  You can check out her splendid video here.

One of her suggestions?  Connect more deeply with someone by sharing 5 great things you appreciate about them.

Which leads me to you.  If we haven’t said so before, you are awesome sauce.  You are the cream in our coffee.  The whipped cream on our sundae.  The kosher pickle nestled with our pastrami on rye.

Here are 5 great things we adore about you:

  • You show up.  Sounds easier said than done.  But you are a fan that truly shows up.  You come to our shows.  You tune in when we are playing live on the morning news.  You watch our #TuneTuesday series.  You even comment on silly things we say on Facebook.  We want you to know – most people don’t show up in their lives.  Most people say they’re going to do something.  And then have a gazillion excuses why they can’t commit.  You are a unique unicorn.
  • You are supportive.  You pledge money for us to make an album.  You repost our gig updates.  You champion us to other musicians and venue owners.  You translate songs for us.  Seriously, the support is amazing.
  • You are incredibly loving.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent out a newsletter, Facebook post, or blog post and received immediate congratulations, love, kudos, and “Hurrahs!” back from you.  It’s a vulnerable thing to make music.  And then to share it with the world in the hopes that it resonates.  Your love gets us through the down times.
  • You give great suggestions.  You’ve are always quick with great suggestions of music you would love to hear us cover, and you think long and hard about it.  We now have submissions for music covers from all around the world, and some of you are even covering our music in different languages.  How cool is that?
  • You are authentic and passionate.  When you don’t like something, you speak up.  When you love something, you are quick to give an enthusiastic thumbs-up.  You are incredibly passionate about music and it shows in all of our interactions.

For you this #TuneTuesday, we would chase a rainbow:

Aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

Want to hear us cover your favorite tune?  Let us know!

#TuneTuesday Request Made Possible By:

Our fans!




The 5 key ingredients of our eighteen year relationship

Wow.  Eighteen years.

How does time fly by so quickly?  I mean, we’ve been together longer than either of us lived with our parents!

When we first met at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, I (Annie) was a hyperactive theatre geek with an amazingly huge afro of hair (seriously…imagine me as the love child of Andie MacDowell, Julia Roberts, and Julia Louis Dreyfus and you begin to understand my ’90’s do) and Curtis was a sweet, thoughtful, all-of-160 lbs-soaking-wet guitarist with a general knack for making women swoon with his music.

I walked into the theatre department one day and saw him holding court at our long rehearsal table, guitar in hand, and with fingers flying over the strings as he played Starry Starry Night.  He was surround by a sea of women – literally, A SEA! – mooning over him and cajoling, “Play an Indigo Girls song, Curt” with their syrupy sweet voices.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating this scene a teeny bit.  But I remember sneering and thinking, “Who’s that guy?”

And then, soon enough, I too was morphing into a smitten kitten with this hunky musician.

We started dating a couple of months after.  We both graduated and moved from Tacoma to San Francisco.  Broke up (for all of 24 hours).  Moved from San Francisco to Seattle.  Got married.  And generally settled into a lifetime together.

You learn a lot about a person, and yourself, over almost two decades.  And we have gotten a lot of practice using some key ingredients to survive and thrive in our long-term relationship (and they also happen to work like gangbusters in our business partnership):

  • Attraction is necessary.  But it’s being your word that’s sexy as hell.  As they say, “Beauty fades.”  And it’s even more true in a long-term relationship.  You met when you were both young people full of vim and vigor.  And now there are cracks around his eyes.  And your stomach seems to have lost its fight with gravity.  I mean, he falls asleep in front of the TV with his hands down his pants like Al Bundy!  Luckily, it truly doesn’t matter.  Because the sexiest, most attractive moments of a relationship show when you come through for each other.  When you do what you said you would.  When you hold yourself accountable for your mistakes.  When you start a project that seems like it might fail but move forward anyway.  When you know that the team you’ve created is stronger than any outside distraction or force.
  • It really doesn’t matter who takes out the trash.  Really.  It used to send me 0-60 when I would ask Curt to take the trash out and it would just sit there for days (sound familiar, ladies?).  A battle of wills would unfold…but I was the only one in the battle.  I wondered why it mattered so much to me.  Is it about respect?  Is it about taking care of each other?  And then, one day, Curt told me he would rather clean the toilet than take out the trash.  It dawned on me that it didn’t bother me to take the trash out.  But I HATED cleaning the toilet.  We decided that I would always take the trash out and he would always clean the toilet and, viola, like magic my problem disappeared.  The key?  There’s no need to make a point.  You don’t need to be right.  No one does.  You just need to figure out what can be negotiated and compromised.  Compromise is NOT a four letter word.  It’s a way to set the importance of the relationship above anything else.
  • Emotions are valid.  Whether or not you use your emotions effectively is up to you.  It’s impossible, no matter your gender, to go through life never feeling emotional.  Emotions are what make us so human and relatable to each other.  But emotions also have a shelf-life.  Too often, we hold onto emotions because we think that by holding on to them, we can somehow prove we are right.  Or we can transform the emotion into a weapon.  My business coach saw the Dalai Lama speak a few years ago, and when asked what emotions we should rid ourselves of, the Dalai Lama answered, “There are no wrong emotions.  It’s simply a matter of whether or not an emotion has served its purpose for you.”  This is where using effective emotion comes in.  The next time you feel driven by anger or sadness at your partner, ask yourself – What does this emotion want from me?  What does it accomplish?  How has it gone past its usefulness?  If you cannot take an immediate, effective action such as talking to your partner about the hurt or the upset, then you must let it go.  Let me tell you – it’s 100%, amazingly freeing.
  • Give your partner good information. There is zero usefulness in being a mind-reader (unless you are a fortune-teller or mystic and then, well, my bad).  Or believing that real love or commitment means that someone else is going to read your mind, and work off of that information.  My grandmother was the queen of this.  If you could anticipate how she was feeling or what she was thinking, this proved to her you loved her.  Misread her?  You wouldn’t hear the end of it.  Good information means you name the feeling or emotion that’s underneath an upset, and you speak the truth to your partner in the moment.  You don’t expect your parter to guess if it’s their fault or if you are just having a bad day.  You own it and name it, and take accountability.  Or ask for help if it’s appropriate.
  • Opposites do attract.  And there’s a genius reason why.  You know that thing your partner does that just drives you nuts?  For instance, Curt talks very slowly and deliberately because he processes information at a very deep level.  I often talk quickly and off the top of my head.  If I ask him a question when we’re meeting, he often takes about a minute to respond to me.  It used to be that my patience would fail me and I would begin to get upset.  Why don’t you answer me?  Hello, are you listening?  It would drive me crazy.  Curt feels something similar when we’re out at parties where he doesn’t know anyone – I turn into a social butterfly and he works hard to blend into the wallpaper.  He hates it when I ask him if he’s having a good time.  But here’s the genius in our pairing.  The part of us that drives the other person crazy is actually that missing piece that will help us derive our deepest learning about ourselves.  Curt centers me, grounds me, roots me back to myself when my head starts soaring off into the clouds.  I give Curt a jump-start when he needs it, motivate him to take action when he would rather hide and see his possibilities when he feels stuck.  A great team requires diverse thought and experience.  So embrace your partner’s differences, don’t shame them.

This week’s #TuneTuesday clearly highlights our bonus key ingredient – music.  This is one of the first songs we learned together.  Music that launched a love story.  And set us up for a whole lifetime of growning and learning together:

~~ Aloha, joy and music ~~

Annie + Curtis


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#TuneTuesday Request Made Possible By:

Curtie Bear

(he would kill me if he knew his nickname was out on the interewebs!)



Follow your arrow, wherever it points

I’m not gonna lie to you.

Since becoming a business owner, I (Annie) spend most of my days dressed in my version of the “business mullet”: yoga pants on the bottom, fancy shirt on top.

Business up front, party in the…well, you get the picture. (by the by, this outfit is GREAT for that Skype call with your client that you forgot is coming up in 10 minutes.  Curl an eyelash, slap on a coat of lip gloss, and go to TOWN!).

It’s one of the many awesome perks you get when your workplace is the guest bedroom in your apartment.

But, these type of perks are not why I wanted to become an entrepreneur.  Or be my own boss.  Or be the boss of Curtis (snicker, that’s a whole ‘nuther blog post…).

I never felt satisfied in any of my previous jobs.  Oh, I would hunker down – nose to the grindstone, 160z Americano never far from my grasp.  I am still a FANTASTIC worker bee.   And, in my humble opinion, I was an excellent employee.  But there was this painful longing that constantly drilled into me like a bad headache.  Or more like heartache.

I wanted to follow my passion.  I wanted to make music my livelihood.  And I wanted to do all of this while I transforming the lives of others.

But my mindset was seriously warped, and I was so used to closing off from my passion that I believed only losers, drop-outs or wannabes made life decisions that seemed, well, frivolous.

Then I unexpectedly lost my job.  I was forced to make an immediate decision – do what’s expected of me or do what I’ve always dreamed.  The dream won (even if there were many “oh shit!” moments after and countless mornings waking up paralyzed that I had no idea how to take the first step).

And when my friend Trever suggested I listen to Kacey Musgraves’ hit Follow Your Arrow, I wasn’t prepared for the epiphany that followed.  She writes, “When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight..follow your arrow, wherever it points.  Just follow your arrow wherever it points.”

Her message is wonderfully simple and straightforward but it resonated with me like I was reading the Ten Commandments for the first time.

Because when you follow your arrow, you tap into that goldmine of unique knowledge and resources that naturally lives within you, within each of us.  Your arrow always points you in the right direction.  The only obstacle standing in your way is whether or not you will follow it.

Sound cheesy?  Maybe.  Doesn’t work for someone like you?  Maybe.

But what if you just said F-IT and took a chance anyway?

This spring, we are launching our first ever online program built specifically to support, inspire, and mentor professional musicians in building their own sustainable and successful music business.  We’ve been hard at work over the last month erecting new websites, writing new copy, crafting curriculum – we even hired a marketing guru to help us thread all the pieces together and launch this program with integrity and heart.  It’s a terrifying leap for me and for Curtis to stand in our power as both artists and as coaches.  But we are taking a chance on living a bigger game and being our word.  To building a vision that is bigger than us and can transform the lives of others.

If you are a professional musician or know a musician who would love to join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who desire building a livelihood and a business out of their music, head on over here to learn more.

~~ Aloha, joy and music ~~

Annie + Curtis


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Trever & The Asam Family



Change the world (one brilliant collaboration at a time)

If you’re hovering somewhere around the 40 y.o. mark, than you remember when the original Grammy-winning Change the World was released in the late ’90’s. (I’m not naming names here, but I’m thinking of someone in particular whose name rhymes with Churtis Kablima…).

I (Annie) was in my junior year of college with nothing but time and my Columbia Records monthly CD club  to listen to.  Hence the reason I had the CD from the movie Phenomenon. (although, no one can blame Columbia Records for the pain I put my roommates through listening to it on repeat).

Off that album was this beautiful acoustic juggernaut of a song featuring what some people thought was an unusual collaboration between R&B producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and rock God Eric Clapton.  But Clapton’s sweet guitar riffs and Babyface’s silky smooth vocals made for an exquisite little love song.

Curtis used to play this song solo but he just never thought he did it justice.

Then in walks our own babyfaced, Brian McKnight-meets-Uncle Willie K. bassist, Wil Tafolo, with pipes as sweet as honey. (agave nectar for you vegans).

And another fabulous collaboration was born:

~~ Aloha, joy and music ~~

Annie + Curtis


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