Happy Tax Day (or, there’s always more where that came from…)!

Happy Tax Day, America!

Or, otherwise known by all small business owners as, “I owe HOW MUCH!?” Day.

Many of you Smarty McSmarty Pants out there already filed your taxes back in January.  And, with the average refund to US taxpayers coming in at around a whopping $2,000, you *smartly* put that fat check right back into your savings account.  Or paid down your credit card bill.  Or FINALLY invested in your emergency preparedness kit for both car AND home.  God bless you, you financial wizard, you.

Well, this year we got our business taxes in early (*patting self on back*) only to receive the kick-in-the-not-so-smart-pants last Friday (seriously…this past FRIDAY!) that we owe a weeeeeeee bit more than anticipated.

Oh, who am I kidding.  I (Annie) got off the phone with my accountant and had a mini meltdown a la Clark Griswold finding out his bonus check is a one year supply of jelly.

Sufficed to say, we were in a bit of dark place.  Moody.  Sour.  Irritated.  And, that same weekend, we were set to film our next installment of #TuneTuesday.

We tried a happy love song.  And it sucked.  It was late night.  And we were starting to turn on each other when Damien Rice’s song Volcano popped into my head.  A moody, somber, dark song about heartbreaking love.  Peeeerrrrrfect.  And the film noir stage was set for this week’s video:

Filming really helped us.  The creativity and working together pulled us out of our funk.  And, soon after my initial freak out, Curtis and I were heads together brainstorming how to be in integrity with our taxes while keeping the doors of our business open.  All while keeping our hearts open to possibility.

Honestly, a year ago this news would have slayed us.  Laid us bare.  There would have crazy, dramatic fights.

But we feel confident in one universal truth: money is simply just an energetic exchange.

For instance, your work is probably to provide some form of a set of completed tasks to someone else who will then provide you money in exchange.  You pay taxes as an exchange for the benefits that come from living within our democratic government.  Seen a slightly different way – by cultivating relationships, you provide loving energy to someone in exchange for their energy of love, support, comfort, and community.

There’s no need for any attachment to money.  Because money comes.  And money goes.

As my favorite biz coach Marie Forleo says, “Anytime you part with money, bless it and say – There’s always more where that came from.”

Always with aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

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