About Us

We're Annie & Curtis

We created and founded Mango Season in 2009 as a live music band.  We love making music for our fans and, over the years, we began to crave even more ways to fully touch, move, and inspire our fans and our clients.  We are now music entrepreneurs and professional musicians committed to not “just” making a living out of music but channeling our musical passion into transformative services, products, and programs for fans, for clients, and for other professional musicians.  We specialize in live performance & touring, Hawaiian wedding music & destination weddings, and coaching programs created for professional musicians interested in unleashing their inner music mogul.

Our mission is to connect fans to their joy, clients to their passion, and music entrepreneurs to their gifts.

Why are we so passionate about music?  We believe that music is a uniquely valuable form of artistic expression.  Music turns on something in each of us that’s impossible to reach with just words or visuals. Music taps into our heart.  And music connects us to each other and to our deepest selves.

While we’ve performed music since we were young tykes and even went to school for the arts, we graduated without any real understanding of how to make a livelihood with our music.  We struggle for years to make a living and to find happiness.  We then realized many other musicians and graduates in the arts were struggling with the same issues.  From then on, we were on a mission.

We are not industry insiders.  We are completely independent with no manager, record label, or booking agency to lean on.  We simply want to share our experience, our hard work, our knowledge, and our passion to fill your life with music and give you a life you love.