A heartfelt shoutout to our fans

As a business owner and a work-from-home-in-your-yoga-pants-kind-of-CEO (I talk more about yoga pants and doing business over at this post), I scour the inter webs daily for advice from entrepreneurs who’ve “been there, done that” so I can get effective, real-time guidance on how to run my business.

What are the best social media accounts to use for business and why?  

How do you know when it’s time to hire staff?

What happens when you feel like a fraud, stuck, completely useless or all of the above?

This last question was answered with beauty and heart by one of my favorite online business coaches, Marie Forleo.  Her awesome Q&A Tuesday Videos feature questions from her readers and today she answered: What do you do when you feel completely useless and alone?  You can check out her splendid video here.

One of her suggestions?  Connect more deeply with someone by sharing 5 great things you appreciate about them.

Which leads me to you.  If we haven’t said so before, you are awesome sauce.  You are the cream in our coffee.  The whipped cream on our sundae.  The kosher pickle nestled with our pastrami on rye.

Here are 5 great things we adore about you:

  • You show up.  Sounds easier said than done.  But you are a fan that truly shows up.  You come to our shows.  You tune in when we are playing live on the morning news.  You watch our #TuneTuesday series.  You even comment on silly things we say on Facebook.  We want you to know – most people don’t show up in their lives.  Most people say they’re going to do something.  And then have a gazillion excuses why they can’t commit.  You are a unique unicorn.
  • You are supportive.  You pledge money for us to make an album.  You repost our gig updates.  You champion us to other musicians and venue owners.  You translate songs for us.  Seriously, the support is amazing.
  • You are incredibly loving.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent out a newsletter, Facebook post, or blog post and received immediate congratulations, love, kudos, and “Hurrahs!” back from you.  It’s a vulnerable thing to make music.  And then to share it with the world in the hopes that it resonates.  Your love gets us through the down times.
  • You give great suggestions.  You’ve are always quick with great suggestions of music you would love to hear us cover, and you think long and hard about it.  We now have submissions for music covers from all around the world, and some of you are even covering our music in different languages.  How cool is that?
  • You are authentic and passionate.  When you don’t like something, you speak up.  When you love something, you are quick to give an enthusiastic thumbs-up.  You are incredibly passionate about music and it shows in all of our interactions.

For you this #TuneTuesday, we would chase a rainbow:

Aloha, joy and music ~ Annie + Curtis

Want to hear us cover your favorite tune?  Let us know!

#TuneTuesday Request Made Possible By:

Our fans!